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We offer support to children victims of sexual violence in South Africa 

About us

"Friends of Uthingo e.V." asks for donations to improve the living conditions of sexually abused children in South Africa - through safe housing, medical treatment and long-term help for a brighter future.

In South Africa, children are often subject to sexual abuse - with a high risk of being infected with HIV. In some parts of the country, more than 50% of the population is HIV-positive. 

Friends of Uthingo e.V. help these children by supporting the work of Uthingo Crisis Center near Durban (South Africa) - both financially and personally on site.  

Uthingo Crisis Center is a NGO that provides initial psychological and medical care for abused children. Together with them we run a safe house where children can find immediate shelter, assist with the prosecution of the perpetrators, and raise awareness about sexual abuse by offering educational actives in schools and in the communities. 

However, not all children can be re-integrated into their families and the organization in South Africa does not have the legal and financial means to take care of these children long-term. They face the threat of living on the street - without shelter, education, or a perspective for their future. 

Our 5 Child Safety Officers freely take in children on their own behalf. Currently hosting around 60 children in their small houses near Durban. Needless to say, they do not have sufficient financial means to provide for all children. This is where we can engage ourselves strongly!  

Friends of Uthingo e.V. help these children by securing their basic needs, by improving their housing situation, and by making it possible for them to attend school and to get an education. We support long-term, directly, and on a sustainable basis. 

Thanks to the donations we have received in the last years, we could - amongst other things - finance the extension and renovation of two houses including the interior. Each child has their own bed now - in some cases for the first time in their life!

Our direct connection to the children guarantees that the money goes where it is needed. Friends of Uthingo e.V. is completely volunteer-run. By donating, you are contributing directly to supporting and improving the future of these children!


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Friends of Uthingo e.V.

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Axel Goedecke


Chairman:  Axel Goedecke
Deputy Chairman:  Dr. Alessa Rather


Friends of Uthingo e.V.
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